Media Luna, La Parguera, Puerto Rico (NDBC LPRP4) (LPPR1)

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This station is within or near
La Parguera Natural Reserve, Puerto Rico

La Parguera is located on the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico in the municipality of Lajas. The reserve includes all the coastline of the municipality of Lajas extending 1 km towards land from the shore and 9 nautical miles offshore. Marine and coastal ecosystem including: mangroves, seagrass, reefs, bays and salt marshes. Features include Bioluminescent Bays.

Some History of the La Parguera P.R. ICON Station

The LPPR1 coral monitoring station went online at Media Luna Reef in January of 2006, and has been providing continuous, near-real time in situ sensor data since that time.

Site also being monitored as a
NOAA Coral Reef Watch Virtual Station